Referee Pay Rates

Pay Scale:

Level Dur # of Officials Ref Pay Line Pay Assign Fee Dev Fee Admin Fee Ex Total Reg Total

All Games:

  • The game duration includes the flood and warmup (eg. a "60 minute" game will be played using 50 min of ice time and a 10 minute flood)
  • In a 2 official system game, the pay for each official is (ref fee + linesman fee) / 2

Exhibition Games:

  • The administration fee does not apply. However the assignor´┐┐s fee must be included in the officials pay.
  • The $5.50 assignor's fee will be split among the official's and must be added to the official's pay. (ex: three man system = $2.50 to referee and $1.50 per linesman, two man system = $2.75 per official)
  • The Officiating crew is to be paid in full prior to the commencement of the scheduled game.
  • It is the responsibility of the coaches, not the referees, to split the amount among the officiating crew.